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Remove Dirt & Stains From Dumpster Pads

Dirty dumpster? Just because commercial dumpsters are made for containing garbage doesn’t mean they have to look or smell like garbage.

Dumpsters that aren’t cared for can become a cause of a lot of problems like rodent or insect infestation. Dumpster pads can also be the reason for bad odors and may also cause injuries from slipping and falling in sludge and other slippery liquids in the area of the dumpster.

If your property in Cambridge has a dumpster pad nearby, surely you will want to have it look clean and maintained or it could turn away your customers, don’t you think?

Don’t let that happen … Schedule dumpster cleaning from Reach Cleaning, the leading provider of commercial exterior cleaning in Cambridge.

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Cambridge Dumpster Washing

Dumpsters are a headache to clean and wash. However, our experienced staff of cleaning experts is proficient enough to know exactly how to remove the difficult stains that are common with dirty dumpster pads. Our dumpster cleaning service can remove the grease and slippery grime that typically surround dirty dumpsters. We also make sure that the dumpster pad is deodorized and sanitized so it does not look like trash anymore. To prevent rodent and insect infestations, Reach Cleaning Inc will recommend using tight fitting lids and doors. Bacteria, smells, insect and rodent infestations and accidents will end with dumpster cleaning.


If you’re running a business in the restaurant industry, clean dumpster pads are a necessity. Just because you take out so much garbage on a routine basis doesn’t mean a messy dumpster is OK. Customers don’t want to encounter a smelly dumpster just before dining. You don’t want a customer to leave due to a dirty dumpster, do you?

With our experienced cleaning crew, we can guarantee that your dumpster will be clean and free of smells. A clean dumpster can help minimize health and safety risk and you can concentrate on the more important aspects of running your restaurant.

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Business owners in Cambridge ON want to make sure that they remain on top of everything by getting their dumpsters cleaned regularly by professionals. Doing so can help stop bigger health or safety problems and create a clean and welcoming appearance for customers. Give Reach Cleaning Inc a call to schedule a FREE DUMPSTER CLEANING ESTIMATE. We offer hassle-free appointment times for before, during or after business hours.